Sunday, January 30, 2011

Media and Ideology

Ideological analysis does not require seeking out the “realness” of what the subject of study is in the media, but instead asks us to interrogate what the messages are that the subject of study is sending out and think about what it says about society’s practices. This relates to my life because what it tells me ultimately is that I am constantly being manipulated by the media. This article discusses the way in which politicians view media as a means of “disseminating information.” This means that lots of people with privilege and power have control over making decisions for what I am exposed to. However, I have been under an illusion that I have all this freedom and agency because I live in America and my power is my “purchasing power.” However, the things I have “freedom” and “power” to chose from, to consume, are all very limited in reality and I am being dominated. The types of people discussed in “Media and Ideology” as those in positions of power, influence and authority are all part of a very elite and privileged group of individuals. They do not represent the popular democracy that we should in this country, but instead control so much about the way we are socialized. They dominate our belief systems and even formulate our ideas of “right” and “wrong,” (reference to “morality” in the text) if there even is such a thing. It relates to me because it directly influences me, whether I am aware of it or not. The media is where our concepts about gender, consumerism, stereotypical opinions and generalizations, culture, current events, and just about everything is connected to or influenced by popular culture and the media (and when I refer to media, I mean mass/mainstream media, which in the text is referred to as “dominant ideology”). The dominant ideology does is not inclusive of many different voices and experiences, undermining their existence and presenting a deeply flawed and tunnel-vision version of reality.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Megan Andelloux and I in an Instructional Video on Purchasing Safe Strap On Harnesses

I model them (totally clothed) while Megan discusses pros and cons! If you want to check it out and don't have an account, ask me for my login in class and I will share it with you.

Link to my Fearless Press Column...New Article Coming Soon


I wish I spoke more than one language, and I intend to, but as of right now I do not. I am a feminist, and an activist. I am beginning to read up on socialist feminism, because the theories seem rather compatible to me. I love comedy improv and was in an improv troupe for about four years. I love to cook. I am studying to be a sex educator and working towards my certification, traveling, shadowing, interning. I love going to conferences. I identify as pansexual, meaning I am attracted to a spectrum of sexes and genders. Last semester was the most incredible few months of my life because I facilitated a female sexuality workshop and was able to see people become empowered before my eyes. I am for the use of gender neutral pronouns (I think), and try my best not to make assumptions or generalizations. I also am for the use of I-statements and see validity in the popular model of education- drawing conclusions from a observed pattern when drawing on personal experiences of oneself and others and then taking action. I would like to destigmatize female masturbation as well as menstruation. I am for reproductive choice. I am for a world that sees gender as a social construction and does not try to categorize me and rip apart my identity by putting me in little boxes. I would like to eat without feeling guilty, and exercise without wondering if I am losing weight. I think people are beautiful. I get really angry when people ignore or act afraid of homeless people. I want all people to know that rapists do not have "rapist" personalities. I am here for any person who wants to talk about boundary violation. I am an ally, and I value all people and all perspectives. Bias is perspective, and I am transparent about mine.